Cabal and installing packages.

Keean Schupke k.schupke at
Sat Dec 4 08:37:35 EST 2004

But of course writing a generic Haskell installer (for Hackage/Cabal) 
may well
turn out to be simpler - and would be more useful to more people, and has
the advantage that only one set of installation instructions are 
required as well.
If I were to write it I would do it as a pure Haskell thing, then it 
doesn't need to be ported to each
different distribution. Of course people are free to write distro 
versions as well. I
don't think there need only be one way of doing things...


Gabriel Ebner wrote:

> just generates multiple ebuilds. g-cabal/cabal
>emerge/... could do the same.

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