[Hugs-users] Installing libraries (specifically haskore)

Bob Harris me13013 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 19:46:17 EST 2007


I have hugs98 installed and working (on Mac OSX), and I'm now trying
to 'install' haskore (this is my motivation for trying haskell)
http://www.haskell.org/haskore .  I have downloaded haskore but am not
sure how to install it.  The readme file for haskore says

	The best way to use the system with Hugs is to drop the entire Haskore
	directory into Hugs/lib (replacing the one that's there).  All of the files
	except this README file are in the directory Src.

I have no such directory, Hugs/lib.  The readme files is seven years
old so it is apparently talking about how things were done in 2000.
The most likelly candidate (as the equivalent to Hugs/lib) I find is
/opt/local/lib/hugs , or perhaps one of its subdirectories (oldlib,
programs, and packages all seem like plausible choices).  Can anyone
tell me where I should put the Haskore directory?

Further, I don't see any previous version of haskore (if I did, I
guess that would answer that question).  I presume it is no longer
distributed with hugs98.  Am I right, or should I expect to find it
somewhere on my hard drive as part of the hugs98 distribution?

I have another question about haskore, but it is probably not
appropriate for this list so please ignore it unless you are curious.
The haskore readme also says

	1) "Haskore.lhs" will load the entire basic Haskore system.  If your
	   Hugs has the proper paths set up, once you drop this directory into
	   Hugs/lib, you should be able to just say "import Haskore" and
	   everything should work correctly.

I find no file nor directory named "Haskore.lhs" in the distribution.
I find a ""Haskore.hs";  is the paragraph above just a typo?

Thanks for any help,
Bob H

P.S.  Thanks for the help this morning.

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