Hugs and Mac and GUI

Johan Nordlander
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 09:17:55 -0800

Hans Aberg wrote:
> At 14.21 -0800 0-11-13, Johan Nordlander wrote:
> >The version of O'Hugs that was released September last year did actually
> >contain
> >an attempt to make the Tk bindings work on a Mac.
> What is this O'Hugs you are speaking about?

O'Hugs is an implementation of O'Haskell, which is an object-oriented extension
to Haskell developed at Chalmers.  Have a look at

O'Hugs itself is a derivative of Hugs 1.3b, consisting of a replacement for the
IO monad, some syntactic enhancements, and a heavily modified type-checker.

> -- The thing is that Hugs Mac port I and Pablo made consist of two parts,
> one that I made and another that Pablo maintained which I think derives
> from work you once made. We then combined that into one version.
> Would it not be better to combine efforts into one single Mac version?

Absolutely!  In fact this might be a good time to do that, since I'm in the
process of taking up the maintenance responsibilities for Classic Hugs.

> -- I have removed the DropUNIX package, and implemented AppleEvents on our
> version (not yet released).

This is good news, since I believe that makes the interpreter responsive to
AppleEvents whenever it attempts to read the command line (right?).  

So let's coordinate our activities.  Is there some place where I can get hold of
your latest sources?

-- Johan