Hugs and Mac and GUI

Hans Aberg
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 10:23:56 +0100

At 14.21 -0800 0-11-13, Johan Nordlander wrote:
>The version of O'Hugs that was released September last year did actually
>an attempt to make the Tk bindings work on a Mac.

What is this O'Hugs you are speaking about?

-- The thing is that Hugs Mac port I and Pablo made consist of two parts,
one that I made and another that Pablo maintained which I think derives
from work you once made. We then combined that into one version.

Would it not be better to combine efforts into one single Mac version?

-- I have removed the DropUNIX package, and implemented AppleEvents on our
version (not yet released).

  Hans Aberg