Hugs and Mac and GUI

Johan Nordlander
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 14:21:31 -0800

> Howdy Folks.
> I've been looking for a way to have Hugs on a Mac use a GUI toolkit like
> Tcl/Tk. I prowled through the various GUI libraries listed under the
> Libraries and Tools For Haskell page under and found none
> that supported Hugs on a Mac. Did I miss something or am I out of luck?
> Thanks,
> ---Frank Seaton Taylor

The version of O'Hugs that was released September last year did actually contain
an attempt to make the Tk bindings work on a Mac.  The attempt was successful as
far as the actual Tk interface was concerned, but unsuccessful in the sense that
it wouldn't work side-by-side with the SIOUX text-based interface that O'Hugs
(and most Mac versions of Hugs) normally uses.

But this was Tk 8.1.  Newer versions might very well run on the Mac together
with SIOUX.  In fact, trying that out is on my todo list for the upcoming new
release of O'Hugs.  And if anyone is eager to find out even sooner, the
neccessary steps for porting any Tk variant of Hugs to the Mac should just be
installing Tk and setting up the correct paths for the linker.

Providing Tk actually is compatible with SIOUX, that is...

-- Johan