Hugs and Mac and GUI

Malcolm Wallace
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 15:59:28 +0000

| >There are already other interpreters for Haskell.  `hbi' was the
| >first ever Haskell interpreter, and it is a very good system indeed.
| I am curious about this "first ever" wording, because as I recall Hugs has
| existed a very long time, originating from the Gofer.

I believe `hbi' has been available as long as the `hbc' compiler,
since about 1990.  Gofer was first written in about 1991, it became
widely available in about 1992, then Hugs was first released on 14
February 1995.  (Dates from memory + copyright notices.)

| >`GHCi' will be a new interpreter, to be released sometime around the
| >New Year probably.
| Do you know if this interpreter is thread-safe? -- This will be needed for
| use with AppleEvent's under MacOS (binary data that programs can send to
| each other).

Since GHCi is very tightly bound to GHC, if the latter is thread-safe
(which I believe it is), then the former will be also.  For a more
definitive answer, you would need to ask the GHC team.