Hugs and Mac and GUI

Hans Aberg
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 19:12:12 +0100

At 09.17 -0800 0-11-14, Johan Nordlander wrote:
>O'Hugs is an implementation of O'Haskell, which is an object-oriented
>to Haskell developed at Chalmers.  Have a look at
>O'Hugs itself is a derivative of Hugs 1.3b, consisting of a replacement
>for the
>IO monad, some syntactic enhancements, and a heavily modified type-checker.

OK. Thank you for the info.

>> -- I have removed the DropUNIX package, and implemented AppleEvents on our
>> version (not yet released).
>This is good news, since I believe that makes the interpreter responsive to
>AppleEvents whenever it attempts to read the command line (right?).

I tweaked the Hugs sources so that it is always responsive to AppleEvent's:
When an AppleEvent is receive a Hugs primitive is called, and one has
primitives to send AppleEvent's. The conversion goes over Hugs strings via
the AEGizmo's package, plus some extensions I wrote using Flex/Bison. (Some
AppleEvent's are hardwired and not sent to the Haskell interpreter, though.)

This is why I want a thread-safe Hugs version, because if Hugs is up and
running while receiving an event, it may break.

On the other hand, even though experimental, this variation is the
interesting one for everyone wanting to explore the limits of functional
programming and events. :-)

>So let's coordinate our activities.  Is there some place where I can get
>hold of your latest sources?

I will send you the stuff in the mail, if that is OK with you.

  Hans Aberg