Hugs and Mac and GUI

Malcolm Wallace
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 11:40:03 +0000

> So what is the state of art of the Haskell
> interpreters? Will there be a Haskell interpreter available in the future?
> Will that be GHI (GHCi)?

Classic Hugs98 will continue to live, and will remain pretty stable.
That is to say, it will incorporate bugfixes, but is unlikely to
incorporate further experimental extensions.  This is a good thing from
the point of view of users, providing a reliable base for learning,
teaching, and developing programs in a standardised language.

There are already other interpreters for Haskell.  `hbi' was the
first ever Haskell interpreter, and it is a very good system indeed.
`GHCi' will be a new interpreter, to be released sometime around the
New Year probably.  `hi' is a Hugs-like interactive interface to
Haskell compilers, looking very like an interpreter.