Hugs and Mac and GUI

Hans Aberg
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 10:21:25 +0100

At 13.22 -0700 0-11-13, Alastair Reid wrote:
>> In addition, the new MacOS X is coming along, aleady existing in a beta
>> version with GCC available.
>I doubt that would make much difference - the nice thing about Tcl/Tk is its
>portability.  If someone were to spend the time making Tcl/Tk work with
>Hugs on
>the Mac, I don't think they'd be wasting their time.

It is not the Tcl/Tk itself I am worrying about, but the graphics hooks to
the MacOS one must provide:

What is called "MacOS X" is actually five entirely different OS's running
side by side, all having in common that they are run by a Mach 3 kernel:
  Classic    MacOS pre-7
  Carbon     MacOS 8-9
  Cocoa      Actual MacOS X
Now, one wouldn't want to implement graphics hooks for the pre-MacOS X,
because that is too low level. It makes better sense doing it for Cocoa or
Java. One might do it for X-windows, too, because there are non-Apple
X-windows servers available for MacOS X.

>STG-Hugs development has been abandoned - so work on Classic Hugs will not go
>to waste.

Thank you for pointing this out. So what is the state of art of the Haskell
interpreters? Will there be a Haskell interpreter available in the future?
Will that be GHI (GHCi)?

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