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Tillmann Vogt Tillmann.Vogt at rwth-aachen.de
Sun Jun 14 17:08:56 EDT 2009

Sven Panne schrieb:
> Am Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2009 19:23:17 schrieb Bryan O'Sullivan:
>> [...] I think that "Graphics.Rendering." is clutter, and "OpenGL.GL." seems
>> redundant to me. [...]
> I forgot to mention one thing here: "OpenGL.GL" is currently *not* redundant, 
> there is "OpenGL.GLU" in the OpenGL package, too. GL and GLU are separate 
> libraries, even living in separate DLLs/*.sos, having separate headers, etc., 
> so they should be kept separate in Haskell at some level, too.
> Nevertheless, with OpenGL 3.1 GLU is dead,

Are you sure?

glu is mainly for converting an arbitrary polygon into triangles. This 
is an art and so obviously wasn't put into hardware or driver.

 From a previous post I remember that tesselation was mentioned. But 
looking at some presentation slides from AMD/ATI I understand that 
tesselation in directx11 is using the following primitive patches: 
Triangles and Tri-patches, Quads and Quad Patches, Lines and Line 
Patches, see 
slide 31. I haven't found a lot of information in the OpenGL 3.1 Spec, 
so I assume they will do it similar to directx11.
So, if glu is still needed, until I use a better algorithm in my library.

> anyway, so in future versions there 
> will be no ".GL" part in the package names.
> Cheers,
>    S.
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