[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: Turbinado V0.7

Alson Kemp alson at alsonkemp.com
Sun Jun 14 01:44:51 EDT 2009

Turbinado is a Ruby-On-Rails-like web server and web framework for
Haskell.  It is designed to make creating web application using
Haskell both easy and joyful.

Turbinado continues to progress and I'd like to announce Turbinado
V0.7.  The primary additions are FastCGI support and a new templating
system (which includes HAML and HTML support).  Additional details are
here: http://www.alsonkemp.com/turbinado/announce-turbinado-v07/.

In order to accommodate collaboration, I've moved the project's
homepage to GitHub:
  Homepage: http://wiki.github.com/turbinado/turbinado
  Source code: http://github.com/turbinado/turbinado

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