[Haskell] Articles on the value of strong typing

Jacob Atzen jacob at jacobatzen.dk
Mon Mar 26 09:41:10 EDT 2007

Hello list,

I am a student at the IT University of Copenhagen doing my final thesis
on Domain Specific Languages implemented as embedded languages in Ruby.

As you might know Ruby uses a somewhat lax form of typing compared to
Haskell which is apparently highly utilized for creating embedded DSL's,
at least in the academic world. Additionally many of the articles on
embedded languages in Haskell use the typing features of Haskell as an
argument for using Haskell in this setting.

This lead me to the question: Are there any scientific empirical studies
of the values of static / stronger type systems as found in Haskell, C#
or Java in real world settings? Or any studies comparing weaker type
systems in terms of programmer efficiency, defect ratio, etc.

I have been unable to find any such studies as it supposedly is "common
knowledge" that strong type systems are of great value. Additionally the
people I have asked the question was not aware of any such studies, so
now I'm trying this list.

Please note that I am looking for papers or articles, preferably from
the academic community, and not personal opinions (as valid as they may

Thank you,
- Jacob Atzen

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