[Haskell] small boys performance

Andrzej Jaworski himself at poczta.nom.pl
Wed Mar 14 13:00:20 EDT 2007

Hi Knights,

As I regretfully pointed out earlier in [Fwd: Re: Computer Language
large search and simulations are not for Haskell. This is equally true with
GHC 6.5 http://eric_rollins.home.mindspring.com/haskellAnt.html.

Also there is much illusion about Haskell potential ease at handling
mathematics. Yes Haskell is excellent for demonstration but trying to
implement algorithms that would do trickier things is pretty tough. A thing
where Haskell could potentially offer something that a regular CAS cannot is
calculating a tensors with symbolic indices (without components)
so that one could have components calculated for specific cases on the end
of general calculation. Perhaps somebody more technical than me could take
the challenge? It could lure theoretical physicists into Haskell which might
pay back. One of them has recently provided Curry with the fastest


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