[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: Haskell mode for Vim (was: Haskell IDE)

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at talk21.com
Sat Apr 28 09:39:32 EDT 2007

I am happy to announce the Haskell mode for Vim..

just kidding, of course!-) there is no single best Haskell mode for Vim,
but there are certainly numerous Vimmers out there with their own
personalized Haskell mode settings for Vim, and there are certainly
numerous Haskellers out there looking for the kind of IDE functionality
that some Vimmers have at their fingertips already. this announcement is 
really about three things:

1. there is a section at  haskell.org listing several people's Vim files:


2. my own Vim scripts and plugins are available here (just updated):


3. since Vim is about getting things done, there isn't much mouse-waving,
    browser tabs, gui buttons, etc. to show off (well, you can have all of
    those, either built-in or via plugins, but in my settings, i prefer less gui 
    clutter), and there is so much code editing functionality that could be 
    specialised to Haskell that it is difficult to get that message across to 
    Haskellers who don't like to browse the online help, or who are just 
    at the beginning of  their Vim learning curve. but, there are a few things
    that do have menues or other easily visible effects, and i've created a
    short tour of some such for Haskell editing (warning: large screenshots):


i hope that mentioning (1) might encourage more Haskell Vimmers to
link to their own tricks and tips (perhaps there should be a top-level 
'Haskell modes for Vim' section at haskell.org, similar to the 'Haskell
mode for Emacs' section that is already there), (2) might be useful to 
some of you, and (3) might help to motivate some of you to give Vim 
a try. it is really not as if Vim (or Emacs, for that matter) didn't have 
more IDE functionality than most of us ever use, it is more that there 
is so much of it to learn and to fine-tune to your personal preferences.

hth & enjoy!-)

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