[Haskell] Haskell Weekly News: March 13, 2006

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sat Mar 18 08:23:30 EST 2006

> >So, the frontpage now has recent news, with our icfp prize at the top.
> >Opinions? 
> do I understand correctly that the top items under "News" will be 
> updated manually and less frequently, to hold items that are deemed
> more important, or more permanent, than the usual headline. and the 
> rest of it is now an automatic feed?

Yes. That's the idea.

All the old news, and the entire HWN announcments archive, is now
available in the Old_news page.

New items get added each week, when the HWN comes out, pushing the
oldest items back on to the Old_news page.

> good in general, and thanks for making the change, but:
> please put the Haskell-prime effort back into the into the permanent 
> top of the "News" section (does noone care about the language this 
> is all about??). when the time comes around for the next communities
> report, it would also go in there again, for at least a month before
> and after release, but for now, it is fine in the "Community" section.

Ok. Done.

> since the feed covers announcements, and not all of those end up
> with a link on haskell.org otherwise, that pointer to the feed archive 
> from the libraries and tools section is likely to be very helpful.

I don't understand what you are suggesting here. Can you elaborate?

-- Don

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