[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: Haddock/GHC SoC project over

David Waern davve at dtek.chalmers.se
Sun Aug 27 17:23:37 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

Here is a short status report of the "Port Haddock to use GHC" Summer of
Code project, which is now over.

Part 1), the GHC modifications, are finished and will be included in the
GHC head repository as soon we have made sure that they don't cause any
significant slowdowns.

Part 2), the actual port of Haddock, is able to render the
examples/Test.hs file from the original distribution. There are some
problems however, most notably a GHC API panic that keep it from rendering
docs for many packages.
In terms of functionality, the port is at a very experimental stage, and
work remains to render the full set of GHC syntax and to support more than
just HTML rendering (e.g Hoogle output).

To try the code out, grab these repositories:


You have to compile and install ghc.haddock and then use it to compile and
install haddock.ghc.

If you want to help out, or just have questions, email me or ping me on
#haskell. But maybe the best place to discuss would be
haskelldoc at haskell.org, where everyone can follow.

Big thanks to Google, haskell.org and Simon M!


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