[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: HAppS 0.8

Einar Karttunen ekarttun at cs.helsinki.fi
Thu Apr 13 21:08:35 EDT 2006


HAppS - Haskell Application Server version 0.8 has been released and
contains a complete rewrite of the ACID and HTTP functionalities.

Features include:

* MACID - Monadic framework for ACID transactions:
  Write apps as a set of simple state transformers. MACID write-ahead
  logging and checkpointing make it easy for you to guarantee
  application integrity in the face of unplanned outages. MACID even
  guarantees that your side effects will be executed at-least-once if
  they can complete within a timelimit you define.
* HTTP Server:
  Performs better than Apache/PHP in our informal benchmarks (thanks to
  Data.FastPackedString), handles serving both large (video) files and
  lazy (javascript) streaming, supports HTTP-Auth, and more.
* SMTP Server
  Handle incoming email in your application without worrying about
  .procmail or other user level inbound mail configuration hackery. Just
  have the HAppS.SMTP listen on port 25 or have the system mail server
  SMTP forward mail for your app to some internal port.
* Mail delivery agent
  Stop worrying about making sure a separate local mail server or DNS is
  up and running to deliver your mail. HAppS takes care of making sure
  your mail is delivered as long as your application itself is running
  and makes sure no outbound mail is lost even with unplanned restarts.
* DNS resolver in pure Haskell
  For resolving MX records and concurrent queries. Can use an upstream
  DNS server or root servers directly.
* XML and XSLT
  Separate application logic from presentation using XML/XSLT. With
  HAppS, you can have your application output XML (via HTTP or SMTP) and
  handle style/presentation via separate XSLT files at runtime. HAppS
  takes care of doing server side XSLT for outbound mail and HTTP
  user-agents that don't support it client side.
* Sessions and much more!

Where to get?

darcs get http://happs.org/HAppS

Einar Karttunen

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