[Haskell] mini-announce: h4sh 0.2

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sun Sep 4 00:46:46 EDT 2005

h4sh 0.2 has been released. h4sh has stablised, and this is intended to
be the last release for some time. Changes since h4sh 0.1 include:

  * New functions available in the shell:
      foldl, foldr, unfoldr, iterate, 
      ($), transpose, group, show, concatMap
  * Compilation strategies added for a wider range of types.
  * Removed argument flags. Instead arguments are provided in their
    Haskell type order.
  * Renamed some functions to avoid clashes with existing shell commands
  * Added HOWTO of one-liners.
  * Cabalised.
  * Simplified build dependencies.
  * Added support library of regex operators
  * Use mmapped FastPackedStrings for IO. Good space and time improvements
  * Functions expecting a single argument will read from stdin if no
    argument is provided.
  * Lift group from a -> [a], to [a] -> [[a]]

Get it:
    darcs get --partial http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~dons/code/h4sh

    Don Stewart

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