[Haskell] Dynamic binding

Andreas Rossberg rossberg at ps.uni-sb.de
Thu Jun 23 04:38:06 EDT 2005

Andrew Ward wrote:
> In Simon Thompson's The Craft of Functional Programming Second Edition, 
> page 226, it is mentioned that Laufer (1996) describes a Haskell 
> extension to allow dynamic binding. I was wondering if this has been 
> implemented as an extension in any of the haskell compilers, or variants?

Definitely. GHC and Hugs implement it, don't know about the others.

But note that you do not necessarily need it. Often a simple first-class 
function, or a record thereof, is enough (in fact, "dynamic binding" is 
just the OOO way of saying "calling a first-class function"). In typical 
functional programming style, you need the general thing only rarely.


   - Andreas

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