[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: fps -- fast packed strings

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Thu Aug 25 09:06:47 EDT 2005

> >>1) add psniceq/pscmp to export list (with better names, smtg like
> >>eqPS/cmpPS)
> is it possible to avoid module/type identifiers ("ps")
> hardwired into the names? We have hierarchical namespaces for that
> (PS.eq, PS.cmp  etc.) This has many advantages, e. g. you could then do
> "import PackedString.Fast as PS" - otherwise the names were wrong

Yes. Good idea. We can follow Data.Map/Set on this.

> (they should be eqFPS etc.) Also, why the abbreviations ("cmp").


Like I say, this has come straight out of darcs, and wasn't being
developed as an fptools-style library, so it needs some polishing.
However, enough interest was shown when it got used in h4sh, that I
figured it best to cabalise and release as is -- which is definitely
fast if not always pretty :)

-- Don

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