[Haskell] APLAS 2005 -- Call For Posters

Hongseok Yang hyang at ropas.snu.ac.kr
Thu Aug 25 03:20:33 EDT 2005

[apologies for cross-posting]


   The Third ASIAN Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems
                         (APLAS 2005)

                      November 3-5 2005
                        Tsukuba, Japan

      Deadline for Abstract Submission:  16 September, 2005

APLAS 2005 will include a poster session during the first day of the
conference (November 3).  The poster session aims to give students and
professionals an opportunity to present technical materials to the
research community, and to get technical advice from other researchers
in the field.


Poster contributions are sought in all areas of programming languages
and systems, including the following topics:

- semantics, logics, foundational theory
- type systems, language design
- program analysis, optimization, transformation
- software security, safety, verification
- compiler systems, interpreters, abstract machines
- domain-specific languages and systems
- programming tools and environments for embedded and mobile code


In the poster session, each participant will be provided with
a space for posting their diagrams and short descriptions of their
research. The space will usually be for approximately an A1 sized
paper (594x841mm). If the participant needs a bigger space, he/she
should contact the poster chair, Hongseok Yang (hyang at ropas.snu.ac.kr).
Contact with your audience happens through casual conversation.
Count on only a reasonable attention span when describing
your work.  Over five minutes is usually overdoing it.  Prepare a list
of questions that you would like help getting answered.


Presenters should submit 1-2 pages abstract paper in PDF or Postscript
format that summarize the poster topic via the online form
(at http://ropas.snu.ac.kr/2005/aplas/openconfp/openconf.php)
by 16 September, 2005. The program of the poster session will be
announced by 07 October, 2005.  We hope to accommodate everyone wishing
to present, but may restrict presentations (based on relevance and
interest to the community) due to space restrictions.  Also, we may
need to cancel the session if there is too little interest.

In addition, participants are requested to read other participants'
abstracts to provide feedback before the conference.  Comments on what
points they are interested in the other participants abstracts, what
should be emphasized, what can be omitted, etc., should improve the
quality of the posters.


- 1-2 pages abstract submission             16 September, 2005
- announcement of poster session program     7 October,   2005
- poster session                             3 November,  2005


For additional information, clarifications, questions, or special
requirements, please contact the APLAS 2005 Poster Chair, Hongseok Yang
(hyang at ropas.snu.ac.kr).

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