[Haskell] FP in the (German) CS curriculum

Kwanghoon Choi khchoi at riec.tohoku.ac.jp
Fri Aug 12 04:02:06 EDT 2005

On Thu, 11 Aug 2005, Johannes Waldmann wrote:

> Hello.
> My institution is currently revising
> the curriculum for Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science.
> One point of interest is the role of programming,
> and especially that of the functional paradigm.
> I'd like to compare our plans to other existing curricula.
> The main critique raised implicitely or explicitely by some of my
> colleagues here is nicely summarized in http://www.galois.com/cufp/ :

> "industry folks complain that there aren't enough FP folks being
> produced by schools, and 
> educators complain that students don't see any
> point in studying FP if there are no jobs to be had."

May I ask your exposition more about this? What field are those industry
folks in? What applications are the industry folks developing with fp

Thanks in advance

K. Choi

I am a person who hope to be a teacher. And I strongly want to teach
and to use one of fp languages, if I am lucky to be so, in a barren 
environment where nobody knows Haskell, ML, Scheme, and etc., unfortunately. 

> So if you are teaching (or studying) at a German Fachhochschule
> (technical university, sort of), I'd like to know your opinion
> (and your institution's opinion). (Please reply to me, not to this list.
> Is there a better place for this discussion?)
> Vielen Dank (thanks)!

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