[Haskell] pros and cons of static typing and side effects ?

Bayley, Alistair Alistair_Bayley at ldn.invesco.com
Thu Aug 11 04:32:34 EDT 2005

> From: mt [mailto:mtvo at info.fundp.ac.be] 
> yes, that's the kind of answer i expected... that's the kind 
> of thing you 
> always see when reading something about haskell. but i guess there's 
> arguments against... i'd like to make my opinion without just reading
> a post saying "it catches many errors". maybe this mailing 
> list is not the 
> right place to ask this question ;-) maybe i should ask on a 
> lisp mailing 
> list :)

For far more reading than anyone could possibly tolerate, see various
dicussions at http://lambda-the-ultimate.org. Go to the home page, enter
"static typing" in the search box, and then report back two days later :-)

e.g. "Why type systems are interesting"

(continued (!) in part II  http://lambda-the-ultimate.org/node/view/175 )


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