[Haskell] FP in the (German) CS curriculum

Johannes Waldmann waldmann at imn.htwk-leipzig.de
Thu Aug 11 04:30:24 EDT 2005


My institution is currently revising
the curriculum for Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science.
One point of interest is the role of programming,
and especially that of the functional paradigm.
I'd like to compare our plans to other existing curricula.

The main critique raised implicitely or explicitely by some of my
colleagues here is nicely summarized in http://www.galois.com/cufp/ :
"industry folks complain that there aren't enough FP folks being
produced by schools, and educators complain that students don't see any
point in studying FP if there are no jobs to be had."

So if you are teaching (or studying) at a German Fachhochschule
(technical university, sort of), I'd like to know your opinion
(and your institution's opinion). (Please reply to me, not to this list.
Is there a better place for this discussion?)

Vielen Dank (thanks)!
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