[Haskell] Haskell XML

S. Alexander Jacobson alex at alexjacobson.com
Wed Oct 27 14:59:41 EDT 2004

I am looking at trying to produce XML with
Haskell and it appears there are at least two
dominant options: HaXML and WASH.

I read some of the Peter Thiemann paper on the
reason he chose a different architecture from
HaXML but don't feel like I am in a position to
judge the merits (and given the age of the paper)
am not sure those issues weren't addressed in a
subsequent version of HaXML.

In reading the HaXML documentation, it appears to
rely on DRIFT for some of its functionality.  But
I also undersand that DRIFT is being phased out in
favor of TemplateHaskell.

Is there a consensus on how to produce XML (from
Haskell types) if one is starting a project today?


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