[Haskell] Scheme Language Standardization Process: R6RS Progress Report

Mitchell Wand wand at ccs.neu.edu
Tue Oct 26 16:40:56 EDT 2004

[Apologies for multiple copies...]

I am pleased to announce that the Scheme Language Editors Committee
has produced its first progress report.  This report details the
progress made from appointment of the committee in January, 2004,
through its meetings at ICFP in September, 2004.

The progress report can be found at

The Steering Committee has also made some small amendments to the
Charter.  The updated charter can be found at the same location.

The members of the Scheme Language Editors Committee are:
Marc Feeley, editor in chief (Universite de Montreal)
Will Clinger (Northeastern University) 
Kent Dybvig (Indiana University) 
Matthew Flatt (University of Utah) 
Richard Kelsey (Ember Corporation) 
Manuel Serrano (INRIA) 
Michael Sperber (DeinProgramm)

The members of the Scheme Language Steering Committee are:
Alan Bawden (Brandeis University) 
Guy L. Steele Jr. (Sun Microsystems) 
Mitch Wand (Northeastern University)

For the Steering Committee,
--Mitch Wand

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