[Haskell] Summer school in software engineering --- First call for participation (04-08 July 2005)

Ralf Laemmel Ralf.Laemmel at cwi.nl
Wed Oct 20 14:42:30 EDT 2004

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Summer School on
Generative and Transformational Techniques
in Software Engineering
4 - 8 July, 2005, Braga, Portugal


The summer school brings together PhD students, lecturers, tool
presenters, as well as other researchers and practitioners who are
interested in the generation and the transformation of programs, data,
models, meta-models, and documentation. This concerns many areas of
software engineering: software reverse and re-engineering,
model-driven approaches, automated software engineering, generic
language technology, to name a few. These areas differ with regard to
the specific sorts of meta-models (or grammars, schemas, formats etc.)
that underly the involved artifacts, and with regard to the specific
techniques that are employed for the generation and the transformation
of the artifacts. The tutorials are given by renowned representatives
of complementary approaches and problem domains. Each tutorial
combines foundations, methods, examples, and tool support. The program
of the summer school also features invited tool demos and a student
workshop. As for the latter, all students of the summer school will be
invited to give a presentation about their ongoing work. They will be
asked to submit a title and an abstract beforehand. The senior
researchers present at the summer school will provide the students
with feedback on their presentations. All summer school material will
be collected in proceedings that are handed out to the
participants. Formal proceedings will be produced after the summer


* Don Batory (The University of Texas at Austin):
  "Feature Oriented Programming"

* Ira Baxter (Semantic Designs Inc.):
  "Compiling Fast XML reader/writers from DTDs using Program Transformations"

* Jean Bezivin (INRIA, LINA, University of Nantes):
  "Metamodelling and Model Driven Software Development"

* Shigeru Chiba (Tokyo Institute of Technology):
  "Program Transformation With Reflective and Aspect-Oriented Programming"

* Jean-Luc Hainaut (University of Namur):
  "The Transformational Approach to Database Engineering"

* Zhenjiang Hu (University of Tokyo):
  "Program Optimization and Transformation in Calculational Forms"

* Erik Meijer (Microsoft, Redmond):
  "Object, relational, and XML mapping"

* Tom Mens (University of Mons-Hainaut):
  "On the use of graph transformations for software refactoring"


The summer school will be held in the northern region of Portugal,
known as the Costa Verde. The region is known for its attractiveness
in terms of climate, prices, and culture. The region is served by the
Oporto international airport, providing direct flights to many major
European cities. The event will take place in Hotel da Falperra,
situated in the hills overlooking the city of Braga. Hotel da Falperra
is a four star hotel that provides splendid seminar and leisure
facilities including a swimming pool. The hotel is situated in a quiet
and somewhat isolated mountain area, which promotes the interaction
between senior and junior researchers. The hotel has good connections
to the Braga city center (approx. 10 min).


* Ralf Lämmel  (Program Chair), CWI & VU, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
* Joao Saraiva (Program Chair), Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal.
* Joost Visser (Organizing Chair), Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal.



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