[Haskell] HToolkit HSQL on Windows/GHC

Krasimir Angelov ka2_mail at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 26 00:47:37 EST 2004

   Hi Clive,

Currently the HSQL supports only ODBC & SQLite under
Windows. Probably it will be not so hard to make HSQL
working with PostgreSQL and MySQL but requires some
hacks in the configure/Makefile scripts. For the time
beings you can use ODBC driver for MySQL.


--- Clive Brettingham-Moore
<haskell at brettingham-moore.net> wrote:
> So far no replies on Haskell-Cafe, and I noticed
> that a similar problem
> got no responce on htoolkit-users, so here goes:
> Is there a way to build the HToolkit HSQL library
> for GHC (6.0.1 when I
> tried, 6.2.1 now) on windows (particularly
> MySQL/Windows XP, but I wont
> say no to postgresql, ODBC & sqlite)?
> I assume people have tired and [I hope] succeded,
> but I got lost [I think]
> in the nasty place between the unix/cygwin libraries
> in GHC and the
> Windows focus
> of the compiled MySQL client library.
> Since haskell is mainly a hobby for me, and I don't
> have a lot of free
> time I haven't dug very deep, but not being able to
> interface my two of my
> favourite constructs (functional programming and
> relational databases) is
> getting to me.
> So any takers?
> C
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