[Haskell] HToolkit HSQL on Windows/GHC

Clive Brettingham-Moore haskell at brettingham-moore.net
Mon Mar 29 10:38:24 EST 2004

>    Hi Clive,
> Currently the HSQL supports only ODBC & SQLite under
> Windows. Probably it will be not so hard to make HSQL
> working with PostgreSQL and MySQL but requires some
> hacks in the configure/Makefile scripts. For the time
> beings you can use ODBC driver for MySQL.
> Krasimir

I guess It won't kill me to use ODBC. I've actually tried rather a lot of
hacking around with the config an make scripts. I even managed to get it
to compile with mySQL support, but There were problems with dependencies
at linking.
If I wasn't too lazy I'd just put together a dll with visual C for the
MySQl calls and redo the library to use it.


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