[Haskell] GHC binary for Cygwin

Thomas Hallgren hallgren at cse.ogi.edu
Fri Mar 19 14:55:51 EST 2004

Thomas Hafner wrote:

>Are somewhere GHC binaries for Cygwin available? I tried to cross
>compile from Linux, but didn't succeed.
>Maybe one want to answer me: ``Why is a cygwin port needed? There's
>already a great MS W port!'', but: ...
>In a ``pure'' Cygwin port all system calls should go through the
>Cygwin libraries, of course.
I would be interested in GHC for Cygwin too!

The other day, I tried to compile the Fudgets library with GHC-MinGW. It 
didn't work, of course, and having GHC for Cygwin would presumably 
significantly reduce the amount of pain required to port it. (Support 
for certain Posix system calls and symbolic links would be helpful.)

At first I assumed that it would be fairly easy to create GHC-Cygwin 
from GHC-MinGW, but then I read the explicit statement in the 
documentation, that Cygwin is not supported, and was rather discouraged...

Fudgets already works many Unix-like systems, e.g. Linux and Mac OS X. 
There was also a port of HBC and Fudgets to Cygwin under Windows 95 many 
years ago.

Thomas H

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