[Haskell] Re: Weaving the Web with Haskell

Ferenc Wagner wferi at afavant.elte.hu
Wed Jan 28 19:23:34 EST 2004

Graham Klyne <gk at ninebynine.org> writes:

> I have been trying to use the HXML toolbox, because I
> understand it's the only XML parser for Haskell that
> supports XML namespaces.  Unfortunately, it seems to be
> rather dependent on older versions of GHC (unless I'm
> missing something), which is making it more problematic to
> adopt than I had hoped.

I may misunderstand you, but I successfully compiled the
HXML Toolbox 3.01 with GHC-6.2 on Linux.  It did need some
tweaking, but nothing serious: if my memory serves me right
the forkProcess function changed and the MD5 library was
missing.  I understand that you have a POpen replacement for
Windows, so the rest should be easy...


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