[Haskell] Weaving the Web with Haskell

Michael Brian Orr mike at michael-brian-orr.net
Wed Jan 28 15:25:03 EST 2004

Hi, Graham. As a Haskell newbie and a lurker on this
list for about a month, I've e-watched your efforts with
a great deal of interest. 

I came to Haskell for I believe exactly the same reason
you're describing - please correct me if I'm
misunderstanding - because I believe a robust, lazy,
pure FP language has potentially kick*ss properties as a
scripting language for Semantic Web applications based
on distributed metadata. 

I'm nowhere near where you are with Haskell - even with
some rusty bits of Lisp and Prolog in my background, I'm
keeping plenty occupied just getting through the 'Gentle
Intro' in the slices of time I can steal from other
priorities. However, I'll continue to put what I can
into this because the goal is so compelling and

So, consider this a thank-you for your efforts and a big
+1 for what you've expressed in terms of both the
potential and the challenges in front of Haskell as an
(especially Semantic) Web programming language. 

All the best,
Michael Brian Orr

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> For the past week or so, I've been wrestling with
> bits of Haskell 
> libraries trying to get an XML parser running under
> Each time I 
> think I've resolved a problem, another pops up to take
> place.  So I 
> felt it was a good time to stand back and review my
goals and 
> approach.
> Background
> I believe that Haskell has a number of characteristics
that make it 
> eminently suitable for prototyping and deploying a
range of web 
> technologies.  My own interest is in the Semantic Web

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