[Haskell] Per-type function namespaces (was: Data.Set whishes)

Andre Pang ozone at algorithm.com.au
Sat Feb 28 15:17:28 EST 2004

On 28/02/2004, at 1:30 AM, Per Larsson wrote:

> In my humble opionon explicit module prefixes are a feature, which 
> enhance
> code clarity, and not something you want get rid of using rather 
> complex
> namespace extensions. However, as Alastair Reid's mail in this thread
> indicates there are weaknesses in haskell's export mechanism. But 
> these would
> be far more easy to fix than introducing the suggested per type 
> namespace
> extension.

Sorry, I don't buy this.  If there is effort made to improve the module 
system to cope with the problems Alastair mentioned, we still have to 
write 'import FiniteMap as FM' followed by 'FM.add fm', instead of 
simply 'fm.add'.  We fix the problems Alastair mentioned, but are still 
left with an less-than-optimal solution.

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