[Haskell] KDevelop & Haskell

Peter Robinson listener at thaldyron.com
Fri Feb 6 14:12:16 EST 2004

my intention when writing the Haskell Plugin for KDevelop was mainly to 
increase the language's publicity, since KDevelop 3.0 is the most popular and 
mature IDE for Linux/Unix. 
I know that most of you prefer to use your favourite editor but the real 
audience are the C/C++/Java/Php/Python/SQL/... programmers who probably 
haven't heard much about Haskell yet and would like to give it a try. 

Things like a background parser that checks the syntax continuously can be 
implemented quite straightforward in KDevelop as soon as i've got a working 
C++ parser for Haskell. Syntax highlighting is provided by the Kate Plugin.

A better integration of Hugs or GHCi is possible (via plugins). At the moment 
only the GHC  plugin that allows the user to build and run the files in the 
project is implemented.


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From: Gour 
Subject: Re: [Haskell] KDevelop & Haskell 
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 02:26:43 -0800 
Claus Reinke ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> that's why it would be nice if the supported Haskell implementations
> we have would also offer the necessary API on top of which such
> enhanced IDE functionality could be implemented in everyone's
> editors of choice.

> >> But I saw that haskell is in the the table of supported languages.
> >
> >yes, and it is nice to see it advertised this way, but I just checked,
> >and the support seems to be in its very early stages:

>But, it's better than nothing :-)

> >it won't do everything (unless you do a little programming, or we get
>> those APIs I keep mumbling about), but it will do a lot. 

>>Do you have some pointer for discussion(s) about these APIs you're mumbling

>> set your editor as specified, start Hugs, type ":find foldl", enjoy.
>> for extra marks, make your editor call out to Hugs, load the current
>> module, and :find the identifier under the cursor. (or were you 
>> suggesting that most Hugs users are already aware of this
>> feature and use it every day?)

>At the moment (6th ch. of Thompson's Craft of FP) I'm still with Helium :-)
>but otherwise I was/am using ghc to compile e.g. darcs and other Haskell 

> > This one is nice. Thank you.
> why, thank you!-)

>At the moment I'm compiling HaRE under MSYS/MinGW environment. Where can I 
>report back?

> >Have you (maybe) tried KDevelop with kvim?
> no, I was thinking of the recent Haskell-in-Haskell frontends, and
> of Simon M's work on providing an API for ghc to support a
> visual studio binding. The frontends, or the API once it has evolved,
> are just what one needs to provide programmers editors with
> Haskell-awareness.
> http://www.haskell.org/communities/11-2003/html/report.html#sect5.2.3.1
> http://www.haskell.org/communities/11-2003/html/report.html#sect5.3.3
> http://www.haskell.org/communities/11-2003/html/report.html#sect6.5.5

Wow! It looks great. I definitely have to find out some more time in pursuing
my learning of Haskell, since there is interesting development going on.

(recently I've found few posts on Ruby list with the complain that "but
ultimately lost interest because the discussions focused on a /much/ higher
level than they do here on the Ruby list--arguments over language design, 
with few mentions of using Haskell to do anything productive.", so I hope that
something like Programatica Project can drastically change the situation and
bring Haskell more tho the mainstream (despite the fact if this is the 
intention of the whole project :-)

Thank you for enlighetning me about Programmatica.


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