[Haskell] Workshop: CUFP

Koen Claessen koen at cs.chalmers.se
Thu Aug 19 07:34:11 EDT 2004


     Commercial Users of Functional Programming
                   Sept 18, 2004
                Co-located with ICFP


Functional languages have been under academic development
for over 25 years, and are still proving to be very fertile
ground for programming language research. Consequently, most
of the development focus of these languages is driven by
academic and theoretical questions. More recently, however,
functional languages have been very successfully used in
commercial, industrial, and government settings, where their
advantages have been able to be leveraged dramatically.

The goal of CUFP is to act as a voice for commercial users
of functional programming languages and technology. It aims
to help functional programming become increasingly viable as
a technology for use in the commercial, industrial, and
government space, by providing a forum for FP professionals
to share their experiences and ideas, whether business,
management or engineering. It also aims to enable the
formation and cementing of relationships and alliances that
further the commercial use of functional languages.
Providing user feedback to language designers and
implementers is not a primary goal of the meeting, though it
will be welcome if it occurs.

The meeting will last a full day, with a mix of invited and
submitted presentations, plus discussion sessions. There
will be no published proceedings. The meeting is intended to
be more of a discussion forum than a technical interchange.


Koen Claessen
Byron Cook
David Fox
John Lalonde
John Launchbury (Chair)

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