[Haskell] image writing library

Ketil Malde ketil+haskell at ii.uib.no
Thu Aug 5 08:07:02 EDT 2004


I would like to write an (Array (Int,Int) Int) to a file in some kind
of image format.  I implemented (quick and very dirty) XBM output, but
it would be nice to have some colors, and anyway, I can't seem to show
the XBMs as grayscale.

I've searched around a bit, but the only stuff I could find was
defunct references to GIF writer, Jeroen Fokker's JPEG stuff (which
may still work, but I don't want JPEG compression), and the PPM
support in Andrew Cooke's Pancito.

Ripping out the latter currently seems to be the best bet, not sure
how closely tied it is to the rest of the code.  So, before I start,
does anybody know any other libraries or programs that could be used?

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