[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: The Succ Zero International Obfuscated Haskell Code Contest!

Shae Matijs Erisson shae at ScannedInAvian.com
Tue Aug 3 14:47:40 EDT 2004

In the spirit of http://ioccc.org/ ....

bring us your poor, weary, downtrodden, and unreadable source code.


This contest is meant to be fun, short, and not terribly serious.

 * submission deadline: August 31st, 2004
 * judging deadline: September 15th, 2004 (expect results at that point)
 * send your code (complaints/comments) to: iohcc at lists.ScannedInAvian.org

submission must have source and some sort of description file so that the
jurors won't be totally mystified.

 * LICENSE: your code must be an original work, all submitted programs are thereby
   put in the public domain. All explicitly copyrighted programs will be
   rejected. (see the IOCCC rules) 
 * max source size: 5k
 * entry must include shell script or makefile to perform the build
 * build must not require human intervention
 * doing something interesting and/or useful is a plus
 * we particularly like games
 * limited abuse of the rules is acceptible if the specific abuses are
   documented, and the judges think it's cool 
 * judges aren't allowed to enter (not this time)


 * latest public release versions of hugs, ghc, nhc, hbc, helium acceptable (any
   we missed?) 
 * may use common Haskell tools such as hmake, happy etc.
 * program need not be portable across Haskell implementations
 * must be relatively portable across platforms (i.e. no Linux-specificisms)
 * use of ANSI/VTxxx codes which are not limited to a specific brand of
   terminal and work in a standard xterm are portable 
 * FFI is discouraged, we want real Haskell source.

five person jury:
 * BjornBringert (bringert)
 * AndrewBromage (Pseudonym)
 * ShaeErisson (shapr)
 * JeremyShaw (stepcut)
 * MartinSjögren (Marvin--)

Awards will depend on the specific entries, but may include:

 * best one-liner - less than 80 chars not counting imports?
 * best .signature sized - 4x80 or 4x76 or whatever
 * best game
 * best H98-only program
 * best exploit of a compiler bug
 * most useful program
 * most creative layout
 * best abuse of implementation-specific extensions
 * best abuse of the type system
 * best abuse of category theory
 * worst abuse of the rules

spirit, point, reason:
 * to seek out new lifeforms and new civilizations
 * to boldly go where no Haskell programmer has ever wanted to be!

Semi-seriously, though, obfuscated code shows neat and unusual ways of
structuring a program, cool tricks, dark nooks and crannies you've never
thought of, and is generally a good way to shake off all that software
discipline and stomp around in the muddy world of spaghetti code for a quick
Shae Matijs Erisson - Programmer - http://www.ScannedInAvian.org/
"I will, as we say in rock 'n' roll, run until the wheels come off, 
because I love what I do." -- David Crosby

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