[Haskell] hmake question

Tom Hofte hofte at natlab.research.philips.com
Mon Aug 2 03:31:41 EDT 2004


I want to use hmake to debug my haskell-program.
I have installed hmake succesfully, but whem I want to compile my program, I'm getting the following error message: 

Fail: Can't find module IOExts in user directories
  Or in installed libraries/packages at
  Asked for by: KoalaMain.hs
  Fix using the -I, -P, or -package flags.

It seems that hmake can't find the IOExts module. I have tried to fix this by using the -I, -P or -package options with the absolute path of IOExts module. All of the options don't fix the problem.

Does any one know how I can hmake tell where it can find the IOExts module.??

Thanks in advance,

Tom Hofte
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