FW: Haskell 98 report

Tom Pledger Tom.Pledger@peace.com
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 12:00:25 +1300

Simon Peyton-Jones writes:
 | I propose to adopt Olaf's suggestion here.
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 | From: Olaf Chitil [mailto:olaf@cs.york.ac.uk] 
 | To resolve this ambiguity of the report I suggest to add the sentence:
 | However, all derived comparisons are strict in all arguments.

How about these adjustments to the wording?

    "comparisons" -> "Eq and Ord class methods",
    to cover min and max, which are slightly more than just

    "all arguments" -> "both arguments",
    because I initially misunderstood it as "all arguments of both
    constructors" and started fretting that it would break existing