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I propose to adopt Olaf's suggestion here.  It makes for
a nice simple specification, even though *in principle*
	data T =3D MkT deriving( Eq )
needn't have a strict (=3D=3D) operation.

It's certainly a vagueness at the moment.


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D.1  Derived instances of Eq and Ord.

there is the statement

Derived comparisons always traverse constructors from left to right.
These examples illustrate this property:=20

(1,undefined) =3D=3D (2,undefined) =3D>    False
(undefined,1) =3D=3D (undefined,2) =3D>    _|_

This statement makes me wonder, if for example

False <=3D undefined

should evaluate to True, because False is the least constructor.
However, all Haskell implementations yield "undefined".

To resolve this ambiguity of the report I suggest to add the sentence:
However, all derived comparisons are strict in all arguments.

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