Announce+Question: jDrIFT

John Meacham
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 15:55:11 -0700

Okay, it appears that there is popular support for a maintained version
of DrIFT somewhere. I would be most willing to take over as project
maintainer. Judging from the emails I recieved, it appears that many
people have written small patches to DrIFT but with no where to send
them, they just kept them to themselves. Since there already is a
version in the fptools CVS, it would make sense to use that as the main
repository for development, I guess a good plan of action would be for
me to create a main web page (probably at to distribute it
from and then bring the cvs tree up to date with all my changes + the
others people are submitting and then develop from there.

I am undecided about where DrIFT should go in the cvs tree.
DrIFT itself can be pure Haskell98 (even if some of the code it
generates is not.) If people have suggestions on how this should work
then let me know. although, perhaps the easiest thing would be to just have
two different makefiles in cvs, one called by the main fptools build,
the other used when the package is distributed seperately.

does this sound like a good plan to all involved? 

   happy DrIFTing,

John Meacham - California Institute of Technology, Alum. -