Announce+Question: jDrIFT

Noel Winstanley
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 18:12:34 +0100

I'd be happy to transfer ownership of DrIFT to a good home.

I've not had the inclination to maintain DrIFT for ages now, for various
reasons: my job takes too much of my coding time; I've lost touch with the
latest changes to the haskell report / GHC / MPCs whatever etc; and I became
dispirited by the reception that DrIFT initially received (no theoretic
foundation -- it munges strings!!). It all seemed less important once I
escaped academia...

Anyhow, its great to hear of the different plans you have for DrIFT -- I'm
glad its of some use to you.
Good Luck
Noel Winstanley
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