HC&AR (May edition) - more suggestions

C.Reinke C.Reinke@ukc.ac.uk
Fri, 19 Apr 2002 21:01:28 +0100

>   Haskell Communities and Activities Report
>   http://www.haskell.org/communities/ 
> The current plan is to get contributions in by the end of April,
> and to get the collective report out early next month (*).

I wrote "new suggestions are welcome". Several Haskellers have
already contacted me about applications of Haskell (Haskell as a
mere tool for someone's work or research) this week, and during
these exchanges, two further interesting topics have emerged:

1. Tips, tricks & tutorials

  It seems that some Haskellers have documented their own hard-won
  experience to help others. They have been working on web pages,
  short papers, tours, and tutorials touching on introductory examples
  of monads&co, giving guided tours and explanations of prelude, 
  libraries & syntax, or tips about programming and resource tuning, 
  even explaining the internals of GHC (scary;), or interpreting Hugs 
  error messages.

  If you have, or know about such a valuable resource, please send
  me a link and a brief description. Ultimately, all these things 
  should be linked from the Haskell bookshelf (which is not limited 
  to books:):


  but many resources are not yet linked in there (wasn't there some
  group of pragmatic programmers choosing Haskell as their language to
  be learned this year? And another group working on a new tutorial?),
  so we'll have a section on this in the next HC&A Report.

2. Haskell publication overview

  We already had a preview of the JFP special issue on Haskell last
  time, but we should make this a permanent section. So, if during 
  the last 6 months, you've finished your Haskell-related thesis, 
  or published your book, or if some Haskell-related conference 
  proceedings have appeared, or you know about any other relevant 
  publications during that period, please let me know.

Btw, we don't have good coverage of Haskell research groups yet
(apart from those who are covered by reports on their software
releases). And if you know Haskellers who are on other lists, but
don't read the main list here, please feel free to point them to 
the report's home page.

I'm also trying to contact folks who have released software
recently, but please don't wait for me to get round to you. Just
send me an email if you're willing to contribute a brief report 
on your great new tool!

Please keep those contact offers and summaries coming!-)


PS. I seem to have problems getting answers from some people
    I've contacted about the report. I hope I'm not in people's
    kill-files yet, or that I'm running into your anti-spam
    mechanisms?-) The emails don't bounce, and there's no vacation
    message either, so if you were expecting me to contact you
    personally, but haven't heard from me, could you please get
    in touch? Thanks.