ANNOUNCE: FunGEn-0.1 released!

Andre W B Furtado
Fri, 19 Apr 2002 03:16:03 -0300

Functional Game Engine

I am pleased to announce the first release of FunGEn, a 2D
platform-independent game engine implemented in and for Haskell, using
HOpenGL. Actually, FunGEn supports:

* Initialization, updating, removing, rendering and grouping routines for
game objects;

* Definition of a game background (or map), including texture-based maps and
tile maps;

* Reading and intepretation of the player's keyboard input;

* Collision detection;

* Time-based functions and pre-defined game actions;

* Loading and displaying of 24-bit bitmap files;

* Some debugging and game performance evaluation facilities;

* Sound support (actually for windows platforms only... :-[ )

You can download and find more info about FunGEn in:

Your feedback is highly welcome! Nice coding...
-- Andre W B Furtado