Joy and Concatenative Programming

Wolfgang Jeltsch
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 18:57:16 +0200

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> SAJ> Joy differs from Haskell in that it has no variables.  Instead, all
> SAJ> functions are postfix, taking a stack as their argument and returning
> SAJ> a stack as a result.
> No, this is just a good old Forth programming language. It's a pity
> that author of Joy even didn't mentioned Forth in his writings...

SAJ told that Joy is functional. If I unterstood him correctly, he said 
functional languages eliminated state and Joy IN ADDITION TO THIS eliminated 
variables and environments. So there must be a important difference to 
Forth because AFAIK Forth didn't eliminate state. Of course the particular 
idea of transforming stacks is not new.

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