Haskell Language Design Questions

Doug Ransom Doug_Ransom@pml.com
Fri, 29 Dec 2000 07:52:24 -0800

1.  Is the lack of dynamic binding of functions by design or because it was
too much effort to be justified at the time the language was designed?  In
object oriented programming there can be several implementations of the same
interface, and they can be stored in the same collection.

2.	It seems to me that the Maybe monad is a poor substitute for
exception handling because the functions that raise errors may not
necessarily support it.

For example, if I use someone elses custom type and a custom map function 

theirmap myApplicator SomeList

and theirmap is not designed to support the Maybe monad, then it becomes
hard to use if SomeFunction might raise an error.  

Am I missing something?

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