Infix expressions

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Fri Mar 17 03:37:21 EST 2006

| The second header line shows categories, whereas the links in the grey
| boxes are to articles. The "idioms" category collects together
| that are about idioms.
| We could have an "idioms" or "programming techniques" article as well,
| of course. It only needs to be written.

Interesting.  I thought there would be a rationale!

But my point is this: I didn't even know that there is a concept of a
"category" on the Haskell web site.  And I visit it regularly.  An
innocent visitor certainly won't.  Now I know that there is such a
concept, but I have no idea what it might mean, or how I might use it.

My suggestion: by all means have categories, whatever they are.  But can
we arrange the home page of so that a new and ignorant
visitor can simply look on the visible page (without prior knowledge)
and know where to go?   And can there be some information readily
accessible that explains what categories are, and how to use them and
add to them?

Sorry to be stupid about this.


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