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> But can
> we arrange the home page of so that a new and ignorant
> visitor can simply look on the visible page (without prior knowledge)
> and know where to go?

Yes, yes, go ahead and change the page as you like. Getting it just 
right is harder than it seems, though. Meanwhile I shall admonish 
contributors to bear in mind that our first audience is those expecting 
a web-site on Haskell and not necessarily interested in this "wiki" 

> And can there be some information readily
> accessible that explains what categories are, and how to use them and
> add to them?

I'm hoping readers will just click on a category page and see a little 
index of relevant articles, and understand what it's about. I can edit 
the structure of category pages if necessary. Nevertheless it may be 
appropriate to make it clearer on the front page whether or not a link 
is a page with actual content or merely one of these indexy-things.

Editing the website, on the other hand, takes us in MediaWiki territory. 
More prominent links to editing help on Wikipedia might be appropriate; 
strictly speaking I can't just copy it across for copyright reasons.

Ashley Yakeley, Seattle WA

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