the dreaded offside rule

Johannes Waldmann waldmann at
Thu Mar 9 05:36:47 EST 2006

>>>    1) it is impossible to explain the precise workings of the rule to
>>> a class of first years undergraduates

Try "Python copied the offside rule from Haskell,
so it must be cool." (*)

Which is true only "morally", e. g. it says here
that the indentation idea comes from a language ABC:
Where does Haskell's rule come come from?

(*) Of course the typical undergrad is a part-time web developer, using
Zope, and he thinks that Python is cool because it has no static typing,
so that programming is "much easier" than at university where they teach
him Haskell. But he soon finds that he can leave out all Haskell type
signatures as well, so he thinks that Haskell is going in the right
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