[Haskell-cafe] Announcing the Haskell Error Index

David Christiansen david at haskell.foundation
Thu Oct 20 12:26:22 UTC 2022

The Haskell Error Index (https://errors.haskell.org/) is a community-driven
web site for improving the documentation of Haskell tooling. In the
upcoming release of GHC, each error message or warning includes a unique
code. This code can be looked up on the index to find user-contributed
explanations and examples. As the specific phrasing of messages in GHC is
improved over time, the codes will remain constant, which allows the
documentation on the site to retain its value and its search-engine

The site is run off of a Git repo full of Markdown files and example
programs at https://github.com/haskellfoundation/error-message-index/ , so
you don't need to be an expert to contribute. Contributions of
documentation as well as technical improvements to the site generator,
HTML, and CSS are all very welcome. Most of the current content and
infrastructure was contributed by volunteers at Zurihac this year.

Right now, it only covers an unreleased version of GHC, but the system is
set up to also work with other tools. If you're an author of
Haskell-related tooling and would like to have it included, please write to
me at david at haskell.foundation.

The site is inspired by the Rust error index and by the excellent
user-contributed sections in the PHP documentation. It's part of the
Haskell Foundation's technical agenda, arising from a Haskell Foundation
Technical Proposal (
If you'd like to have influence on what we at the HF do, please submit a

All the best,
David Thrane Christiansen
Executive Director
The Haskell Foundation
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